Pre-Order Policy

As of July 13, 2020 - we have reinstated pre-orders for upcoming products. When purchasing these items, please be aware of a few details.

  • If your order contains a mix of pre-order and in-stock merchandise, we will hold your shipment until ALL items are available. We suggest placing separate orders to avoid prolonged delays.
  • Please be aware, by reading the item description, of when your item is expected to arrive. These vary greatly and can be as long, if not longer, than a year from purchase.
  • Estimated shipping dates are just that - ESTIMATES. These dates are provided by the manufacturer, but can change. We are not responsible for delays, and will not offer returns or exchanges because an item was delayed.
  • Pre-Orders are non-refundable. Once an order with a pre-order item is placed, it can not be cancelled for any reason. We place our orders with manufacturers based on the volume of pre-orders we get - and this is why we cannot offer cancellations. The only exception is when a product is cancelled from a manufacturer - in which case we will send refunds.
  • We can adjust shipping addresses, in the event you need the address changed while waiting for an item to arrive. For security reasons, we can only accept these requests from the email address on file with the order. We can not change the email address on file for security reasons, so please make sure you will have access to it in the future.

If you should happen to have a question that isn't answered above, please reach out to us via social media or email. Thank you.